Carmineto refers to the part of the Castle, which in the medieval period bordered on the convent of Santa Maria del Carmine and which was moved to piazza del Carmine in the mid 1400s. At the beginning of the 1900s, upon request of the architect Luca Beltrami, a sizeable number of architectural elements were placed upon the Carmineto curtain, which walls off the Castle's Cortile delle Armi to the north-west.

The sequence begins with the statue of the redeemer, formerly in piazzetta del Verziere, followed by the portals, columns and segments from the porticoes of via Torino and via Bassano Porrone, then structures taken from the demolished Missaglia residence and finally ancient Roman remains already embedded in the Pusterla dei Fabbri (Postern). Also along the curtain walls are sarcophagi, an enormous capital from 1347, reused as a basin and archaeological materials with diverse functions. All of the artefacts were restored in 2012.